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City trees have the most wonderful wood! City Trees – when they have to be cut down – are usually thrown into a shredder from root to branch right from the place where they lived. A shame, because the woord from these trees is often of excellent quality.

A sustainable contribution to a circular economy

Stadshout aims to preserve the wood of hundreds of city trees that have to be cut down every year.

Every year, thousands of trees are felled in and around Amsterdam. Trees from parks, public spaces, yards or streets. They have special meaning for their surroundings of which they were part, often for many decades. Stadshout is against unnecessary tree-felling, but when this is inevitable, Stadshout aims to preserve the wood for the city. 

Stadshout processes cut down trees in a sustainable and ecological way. Less wood is imported and transported; timber from city trees find a new destination in the city. Our city trees receive a second life that they deserve. Stadshout provides a certificate of origin with every project and product, preserving the story of the tree and the connection with the city.


How stadshout adds value for people and planet

Our Services

saw mill

With our saw mill we make wood available for local woodworkers and contractors.

Projects and products

We work together with artisans and craftsmen to deliver and create unique projects and products with local city wood.


We foster a local ecosystem and our shop is a flagship store and meeting place for local makers presenting their sustainable wooden products.


Share our purpose?

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